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The following images are representative of the various modules and options that are available  for the Single Seat (SP) B737  and MiniSim models(MS).

SP Panel + Ped.JPG

Single Seat B737 with two Flight panel screens, 2 CDU LCD touch screens and iPad.

SP B737 with three 27" LCD Scenery Screens.

10" LCD Touch Screen for display of the Pilot CDU.

SP B737 adjustable seat with folding Arm Rests.

Warning Panel, LH & RH EFIS Control Panel and MCP.

19" LCD screen for PFD & ND

SP Single Scenery Screen.

19" LCD Screen for Systems and Co-Pilot CDU etc.


Floor mounted Centre Consul showing Power Levers, Control switches, Radios and LCD screen displaying the FWD Overhead Panel.

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