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Aviatech has experienced Research and Engineering staff that are able to search the Worldwide market place to source aircraft that best meets your requirements and then present a short list for consideration.

To allow the selection of suitable aircraft, Aviatech Services will initially conduct a general survey of the aircraft configuration and a Log Book Audit to establish airframe hours and cycles, engine hours and cycles, Modification status and AD compliance, Damage history and Avionics compliance for operation of the aircraft at various locations throughout the World. Aviatech will provide a report on the complete costs of required avionic upgrades and also advise on Interior and Exterior refurbishment that may be required.

After selection of a suitable aircraft by the Customer, Aviatech staff can then assist with negotiations on the purchase price and the conditions contained in the purchase contract. Aviatech will then arrange for a comprehensive pre purchase inspection, carry out a flight test and provide report on any discrepancies noted and advise on whether or not to proceed with the purchase.

If the purchase proceeds, Aviatech will then co-ordinate all the work required for the Issue of an Export C of A and all other documents required by the Airworthiness Authorities of the Importing Country.

On completion of work and issue of an Export C of A, Aviatech will supervise a flight test, if required, to sign of the Avionics upgrades for IFR operations.

The aircraft is now ready for Delivery to any part of the world and the experienced Aviatech technical crews are able to arrange every aspect of the delivery including export, import, over flight and landing permits, fuel and flight planning requirements.

The Acquisition of a Corporate Aircraft is a major business investment that requires extreme care and due diligence to avoid the many pitfalls that can appear along the way. It makes sense to have aviation professionals assist during this process to ensure that the result is as you envisioned and within your approved budget.

Aviatech Services  have Aviation Professionals situated in Europe, USA. Australia and New Zealand and are available to meet your needs at any time.

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