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AVIASIM NZ is a Division of Aviatech Limited which is a New Zealand based Aviation Services Company specialising in Avionics Upgrades and Aircraft deliveries for Jet and JetProp aircraft to customers throughout the World.

For many years Aviatech delivery pilots have used Flight Simulators to familiarise themselves with the aircraft they are to deliver and also with the route to be flown on the delivery.  As almost all of the modern Jets and Turbo Prop aircraft are equipped with EFIS and digital avionics it is no mystery as to why there are now many Flight Simulator software developers releasing excellent aircraft models for use with the popular Flight Simulator platforms such as MS FS 2020, P3D and X-Plane 10.  Almost all the Flight Simulator platforms run 3D cockpit modelling however only a few such as FS 2020 and P3D provide the ability to undock multiple 2D windows allowing more realistic panels in Flight Sim Cockpits with multiple screens to be configured in a way that truely replicates the desired aircraft Cockpit.



After several years of research into the commercially available Aircraft Modelling software and also the available hardware AVIA SIM has decided to release its line of Flight Simulator Cockpits that will give the consumer the options needed to purchase a generic cockpit that has the looks and feel of a real life cockpit of a General Aviation or Airline aircraft.

Due to the lack of good quality and locally sourced peripherals for the Flight Simulator market AVIASIM NZ has designed and put into production the following modules:


1/.   A two axis Flight Yoke with Trim Switch, POV hat switch, AP disconnect, PTT Switch and one Accessory Switch. The onboard              Controller has the capability of connect analog Rudder Pedals and it also has three Digital inputs for connecting the AVIASIM              Gear Lever and other optional controls.


2/.   A Boeing 737 style  Throttle Quadrant with Speed Brake Lever, LH & RH Power levers incorporating Reverse Thrust Levers,                 Flap Lever and LH & RH Fuel/Start Levers.

3/.   An Undercarriage Control Lever with UP - OFF -DN positions

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